Descubre IIIA

The IIIA is a research centre, belonging to the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). Founded in 1985 it currently has around 50 full-time researchers and engineers, including 12 PhD students. Its mission is to carry out very high quality research in AI keeping a good balance between basic research and applications, and paying particular attention to training PhD students and to technology transfer. Since 1987, the IIIA scientists have supervised nearly 90 PhD students.

The IIIA has three main research lines: Logic, reasoning and search; Case-based reasoning & learning; and Intelligent agents and multiagent systems. These research lines are applied to many domains. The main ones are electronic markets, agreement technologies, medicine, music, information privacy/security, and autonomous robots. These activities have been funded by more than 100 projects obtained through competitive funding mainly from the European Union (more than 20 projects) and the Spanish National Research Plan (more than 50 projects). The total funding obtained since 1985 exceeds 12 million Euros.

IIIA researchers in these fields have chaired the leading conferences in Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI, ECAI, AAMAS, EUMAS); and are members of the board of the main journals (editor-in-chief of Fuzzy Sets and Systems, associate editorship of the prestigious AI Journal, JAAMAS, JAIR, etc.) and organizations (IJCAI Board of Trustees, IFAAMAS Board, etc.). The IIIA has produced and produces significant scientific publications (more than 2000 papers since 1985) many of them have been, and are, highly cited.

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Ramón López de Mántaras