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Agreement Computing
des. 2015 - gen. 2018
Investigador principal
IIIA Collaborators
External Researchers
Sascha Ossowski
Vicente Botti
Project description

Agreement Computing project will continue the development of the scientific and industrial network around the “Agreement Technologies”. Agreement technologies research line grown under the Spanish founded CONSOLIDER “Agreement Technologies” project which funded the development of more than 500 papers and 20 software components and applications and aroused the interest of more than 50 companies in the ICT sector that have actively participated in the project ‘industry days’ and joint research. Its objectives include disseminating the results of the CONSOLIDER project to researchers and practitioners that will consolidate the corpus of knowledge in the area of Agreement Computing. Also, promote new joint research initiatives between academic and industrial partners. We think this is a fundamental role that can increase the return on the investment made in the funding of the CONSOLIDER project. Continue working in the protection of Artificial Intelligent components and to support the contacts with industries to increase the number of results being exploited.

Research Line
Agreement Technologies - Trust and Reputation