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Design of Artificial Intelligence methods for supporting change management in organizations
nov. 2014 - nov. 2017
Investigador principal
Project description

A new generation of solutions for the change management in organizations must give support to organization strategic management by introducing automation to accelerate decision-making. The implementation of automatic mechanisms for the decision support requires the development of algorithms capable of dealing with a large amount of data in a smart way, and able to be easily integrated into business management systems.

The goal of this Ph.D. thesis is the design of methods and experiments that support the hypothesis that competitiveness improving depends on an intelligent and continuous change in the strategic plans of the organization. The work will investigate in Artificial Intelligence techniques to offer automatic mechanisms that demonstrate provide adequate support to the process of managing change in organizations. In particular, the work will investigate, apply and offer new results in the area of normative systems, trust and reputation models and optimization techniques.
The aim is that the computer-mediated resulting methods and systems will allow modelling of complex and distributed organizations, will permit to provide recommendations on the action plans that achieve strategic goals, and recommendations on the most suitable investment plans for a balanced growth. They will be able to relate the activity of the organization with the strengths and weaknesses of human resources for a sustainable productivity and will facilitate a more effective involvement of human resources in innovation processes.




CMT, designs, implements, supports and markets iKey Performance Mangement Tool.

Key Performance Management simplifies information management in businesses. The tool identifies the people and actions best suited to a large impact into the indicators. iKey is the ideal tool for the revitalization and optimization of commercial networks or departments of an organization working with targets, indicators and actions. This SaaS solution improves efficiency, getting more proactive and focused teams. The information is managed by a next-generation platform, accelerating the organizational change.

With iKey tool, CMT transforms information into knowledge to gain competitive advantages. It allows access, from any mobile device to intuitive and graphically compelling key contents. The iKey technology allows you to set the key business indicators, specify actions to perform, and define the organizational model. iKey records actions and related business indicators, and automatically monitors the performance of the activity of the organization. It also allows tracking the state of the indicators and generates alerts on actions and team behaviour. Identifies key points of improvement through intelligent analyses based on skill matching, trust and reputation and optimisation algorithms.

CMT's target market covers commercial sector companies and management companies. In the commercial sector the target is  large retail and distribution companies (banking, automotive, fashion, consumer, insurance). In the area of  ​​management, they are large corporations and change management consulting companies. The company also approaches large industrial corporations and SMEs looking for fostering innovation.

The company is an Enzyme Advising Group's carve out. It was born from the experience working with Nexe in change management project and a fruitful collaboration with the IIIA-CSIC. Enzyme Advising Group is a professional services firm with an international presence that provides consulting and technology advice. Also, Nexe has over 20 years experience in the development and implementation of consulting projects and developing business excellence Management of companies. Nexe uses iKey Performance Management Tool to carried out its projects.

Research Line
Agreement Technologies - Trust and Reputation