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Automatic trade by Intelligent Autonomous agents in electronic Institutions
Dec 2000 - Dec 2003
Main researcher
IIIA Collaborators
Project description
This project intends to make a step forward in the electronic commerce state of the art by building a tool that permits the construction of agent-mediated electronic markets. It is expected that during the next decade this type of software structures will be common on Internet. We'll profit >from the experience of the IIIA in the design of negotiation models, case-based reasoning, uncertainty management, an language development to formalize the concept of agent-mediated electronic institution. This formalization will serve to develop a visual specification language that verifies the correction of the diferent components of such institutions (behaviour rules, communication protocols, commitments, agents flux, etc.) Finally, and once the specification of an institution is verified, an agent server to permit the interaction of exogenous agents will be customised. In order to help in the use of the so specified institutions, we'll develop parametrizable agents (PITAs) that will permit the users to participate in the institutions in an off-line manner. These PITAs will be parametrised by users according to their preferences and will be in charge of closing deals following the user instructions codified in the form of negotiation strategies -to be studies also in the project. Among others, we will use case-based reasoning and possibilistic logic to generate intelligent negotiation strategies. Last, and to verify the theoretical ideas of the design of electronic institutions and negotiation strategies, we will build three pilot tests on public prucurement and fish auctions. To do this, we have signed a collaboration agreement with three companies responsible of these activities.
Research Line
Electronic Institutions