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An Integrative Framework for Developing Case-based Systems
Oct 2006 - Sep 2009
Project description
Case-based reasoning (CBR) combines in an effective manner both learning from examples and usage of domain knowledge. Techniques for case retrieval and reuse should not be studied in an isolated manner; instead they should be designed and evaluated in model in a framework that integrates different types of CBR systems as proposed in this project. The main objectives of the project can be summarized as follows: new ways to use techniques of soft computing for CBR, techniques for case reuse of a declarative and generic nature, techniques for case retrieval in knowledge-intensive CBR systems, integrating ontologies both in CBR systems and retrieval and reuse techniques maintenance techniques both for case bases and for CBR systems capable of dealing with issues arising from design, implementation, and deployment of industrial strength CBR systems, the empirical evaluation of the developed techniques by means of CBR prototypes implemented for several experimental domains, and developing component-based software platforms to support CBR systems development.
Research Line
Case-Based Reasoning