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Open Peer Review Module
Aug 2015 - Jan 2016
Main researcher
IIIA Collaborators
Project description

This project will capitalise on the existing infrastructure offered by open access repositories by enabling their conversion into functional evaluation platforms by developing a prototype open peer review module (OPRM) for open access repositories. The OPRM will initially be developed as a DSpace plugin but designed to facilitate subsequent adaptation to other repository software suites like Invenio (which underpins Zenodo) and EPrints.


The OPRM will be open, with full text of reviews publicly available alongside the original research work, and transparent,with reviewers’ identitiesdisclosed to authors and the public. It will also include a reviewer reputation system based on the assessment of reviews themselves, both by the community of users and by other reviewers, in order to allow a sophisticated weighting of each review’s respective importance for the overall assessment of a research work. This qualitative and quantitative repository-based evaluation process, able to run in parallel to traditional journal peer review, will:

  • Enable the peer review of any research work deposited in a repository, including data, code and monographs.
  • Provide novel metrics for the quantitative assessment of research quality.
  • Create a sophisticated reputation system for reviewers.
  • Allow the weighting of reviews based on the quality of previous reviewer contributions.
  • Facilitate the selection of relevant content from digital repositories by distinguishing material that has been validated by reviewers using tags and advanced search filters.
  • Engage the research community in an open and transparent dialogue over the soundness and usefulness of research material.


Research Line
Agreement Technologies - Trust and Reputation