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Juan C Teze, Antoni Perello-Moragues, Lluís Godo, Pablo Noriega; Practical reasoning using values: an argumentative approach based on a hierarchy of values. Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence; 2019.
Carles Sierra, Nardine Osman, Pablo Noriega, Jordi Sabater-Mir, Antoni Perello-Moragues; Value alignment: A formal approach. Responsible Artificial Intelligence Agents Workshop (RAIA) in AAMAS 2019; 2019.
Christian Lemaitre, Pablo Noriega; Characterising Polemical Disputes. 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGREEMENT TECHNOLOGIES ; 2016.
Cristian Lemaitre, Pablo Noriega; Making sense out of polemics. Twelfth International Workshop on Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems (ArgMAS 2015); 2015.
Pablo Noriega, Julian Padget, Harko Verhagen, Mark d'Inverno; Towards a Framework for Socio-Cognitive Technical Systems. Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems X; 2015.
Rob Christiaanse, Aditya Ghose, Pablo Noriega, Munindar P. Singh; Characterizing Artificial Socio-Cognitive Technical Systems. European Conference on Social Intelligence (ECSI-2014); 2014.
Pablo Noriega, Mark d'Inverno; Crowd-Based Socio-Cognitive Systems. Crowd Intelligence: Foundations, Methods, and Practices; 2014.
Natalia Criado, Estefania Argente, Pablo Noriega; Reasoning about constitutive norms in BDI agents. Logic Journal of the IGPL; 2014.
Natalia Criado, Estefania Argente, Pablo Noriega, Vicente Botti; Reasoning about Norms under Uncertainty in Dynamic Environments. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning; 2014.
Matthew Yee-King, Mark d'Inverno, Pablo Noriega; Social machines for education driven by feedback agents. First International Workshop on Multiagent Foundations of Social Computing; 2014.
Natalia Criado, Estefania Argente, Pablo Noriega; Human-inspired model for norm compliance decision making. Information Sciences; 2013.
Guido Boella, Pablo Noriega, Gabriella Pigozzi, Harko Verhagen; Introduction to the special issue on NorMAS 2009. Journal of Logic and Computation; 2013.
Natalia Criado, Estefania Argente, Pablo Noriega, Vicente Botti; MaNEA: A distributed architecture for enforcing norms in open MAS. Engineering applications of artificial intelligence; 2013.
Nicoletta Fornara, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Pablo Noriega, Eugénio Oliveira, Charalampos Tampitsikas, Michael I Schumacher; Modelling Agent Institutions. Agreement Technologies; 2013.
Antonio Garrido, Adriana Giret, Vicente Botti, Pablo Noriega; mWater, a Case Study for Modeling Virtual Markets. Agreement Technologies; 2013.
Giulia Andrighetto, Guido Governatore, Pablo Noriega, Leendert van der Torre; Normative Multi-Agent Systems. Dagstuhl Follow-Ups; 2013.
Pablo Noriega, Amit K. Chopra, Nicoletta Fornara, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, Munindar P. Singh; Regulated MAS: Social Perspective. Normative Multi-Agent Systems; 2013.
Amineh Ghobani, Huib Aldewereld, Virginia Dignum, Pablo Noriega; Shared Strategies in Artificial Agent Societies. Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems VIII; 2013.
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