4 Publications
Eva Armengol, Eloi Puertas; Improving individual learning capabilities in Multi-Agent Systems. Workshop on Adaptation and Learning in autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. AAMAS-2006; 2006.
Eva Armengol, Eloi Puertas; Learning from cooperation using justifications. Artificial Intelligence Research and Development; 2006.
Eloi Puertas, Eva Armengol; Inducing domain theory from problem solving in a multi-agent system. Recent Advances in Artificial Intelligence Research and Development; 2004.
Guifré Cuní, Marc Esteva, Pere García, Eloi Puertas, Carles Sierra, Teresa Solchaga; MASFIT: Multiagent system for fish trading. Proceedings of the 16th Eureopean Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ECAI'2004, including Prestigious Applicants of Intelligent Systems, PAIS 2004, Valencia, Spain, August 22-27, 2004; 2004.

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