TitlePRAM Optimization Using an Evolutionary Algorithm
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMarés J, Torra V
EditorDomingo-Ferrer EMagkos Jos
Book TitlePrivacy in Statistical Databases
Series VolumeLNCS 6344
Pagination97 - 106
CityCorfú, Greece
ISBN Number978-3-642-15837-7
KeywordsDisclosure risk, Evolutionary Algorithms, Information loss, Information Privacy and Security, Post Randomization Method

PRAM (Post Randomization Method) was introduced in 1997 but it is still one of the least used methods in statistical categorical data protection. This fact is because of the difficulty to obtain a good transition matrix in order to obtain a good protection. In this paper, we describe how to obtain a better protection using an evolutionary algorithm with integrated information loss and disclosure risk measures to find the best matrix. We also provide experiments using a real dataset of 1000 records in order to empirically evaluate the application of this technique.