TitleCharters for Self-Evolving Communities
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsOsman N, Sierra C, Schorlemmer M
EditorLorini E
Conference Name11th European Workshop on Multi-agent Systems (EUMAS 2013)
Conference LocationToulouse, France
Date Published12/12/2013
Keywordscommunity goals, interaction protocols, self-evolution

Self-organisation and self-evolution is evident in physics, chemistry, biology, and human societies. Despite the existing literature on the topic, we believe self-organisation and self-evolution is still missing in the IT tools we are building and using. Instead of creating numerous rigid systems, we should aim at providing tools for creating self-evolving systems that adapt to the ever evolving community's needs. This paper proposes a roadmap for self-evolution by presenting a set of building blocks, which we refer to as community charters. The paper also presents an approach for each of these blocks, helping build the first prototype for self-evolving communities.