TitlePersuasive negotiation for autonomous agents: A rhetorical approach
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsRamchurn SD, Jennings NR, Sierra C
Conference NameIJCAI Workshop on Computational Models of Natural Argument. Agosto-2003 Acapulco

Persuasive negotiation occurs when autonomous agents exchange proposals that are backed up by rhetorical arguments (such as threats, rewards, or appeals). The role of such rhetorical arguments is to persuade the negotiation opponent to accept proposals more readily. To this end, this paper presents a rhetorical model of persuasion that defines the main types of rhetorical particles that are used and that provides a decision making model to enable an agent to determine what type of rhetorical argument to send in a given context and how to evaluate rhetorical arguments that are received. The model is empirically evaluated and we show that it is effective and efficient in reaching agreements.