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The Digital Reconstruction of the Prehistoric Past: Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence for understanding social life in the Neolithic.
Feb 2016 - Feb 2018
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Project description

This project is established to advance and innovate in the theory, methods and applications of computer simulation and 3D modelling in the service of digital documentation, study and presentation of historical heritage. For this assignment, we intend the virtual reconstruction of one of the main Archaeological Sites in Iberian peninsula and Europe, the well preserved la Draga neolithic village.

La Draga on the shores of the Banyoles Lake, is a waterlogged site where two Early Neolithic occupations (5,300-5,000 cal BC) have been attested. The importance of the site lies in the preservation of organic materials, allowing the study of technical procedures implemented in the manufacture of a large amount of artefacts elaborated with materials rarely preserved. At once, the preservation of wooden construction elements, such as poles, posts and planks, makes possible the reconstruction of architectural dynamics in the construction and maintenance of the settlement. All this circumstances makes La Draga a referential site for the study of subsistence of first farming societies in western Mediterranean.

The project aims to develop virtual systems based both on simulation of social dynamics in the past (artificial societies based on agents distributed simulation ) and "serious games", that is, computer systems with the aesthetics of a video – game, but based on rigorous historical research and introducing academic knowledge relevant to education of children.

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