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Social Knowledge for e-Governance
Apr 2006 - Mar 2009
Project description
Reputation is a social knowledge on which a number of social decisions are accomplished. Regulating society from the morning of mankind (Dunbar, 1998), it becomes more crucial with the pace of development of ICT technologies, dramatically enlarging the range of interaction and generating new types of aggregation. Despite its critical role, reputation generation, transmission and use are unclear.The project aims to an interdisciplinary theory of reputation and to modelling the interplay between direct evaluations and meta-evaluations in three types of decisions, epistemic (whether to form a given evaluation), strategic (whether and how interact with target), and memetic (whether and which evaluation to transmit). Finally, current technological developments of reputation are dusting off traditional remedies like word of mouth and chatty talk. The theory in question will be shown to help design reputation technology. The proposed project will benefit from a synergy between experts in an innovative methodology, i.e. agent-based social simulation, and in computational modelling and software development, all good representatives of the European community in these fields of science.
Research Line
Agreement Technologies - Trust and Reputation