Former PhD students
7 Publications
Enric Plaza, Claudio Baccigalupo; Principle and Praxis in the Experience Web: A Case Study in Social Music. ICCBR'09 Workshop on Reasoning from Experiences on the Web (WebCBR-09); 2009.
Claudio Baccigalupo, Justin Donaldson, Enric Plaza; Uncovering Affinity of Artists to Multiple Genres From Social Behaviour Data. International Conference on Music Information Retrieval; 2008.
Claudio Baccigalupo, Enric Plaza; Mining Music Social Networks for Automating Social Music Services. . ECML/KDD-07 Workshops Prior Conceptual Knowledge in Machine Learning and Data Mining and Web Mining 2.0; 2007.
Claudio Baccigalupo, Enric Plaza; Poolcasting: a Social Web Radio Architecture for Group Customisation. Proc. 3rd Int. Conf. on Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-Channel Distribution AXMEDIS-07; 2007.